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In Between States : New Art from North Macedonia

6 June 2019 until 6 July 2019
The WorM Peacock Visual Arts

“In Between States” at the WorM in Aberdeen is the first leg of an artistic exchange with Skopje. Three emerging artists from North Macedonia will exhibit in Scotland for the first time, as part of the 2019 Look Again Festival of Visual Art and Design.

The curatorial frame of “In Between States” is the establishing of a dialogue between the opposite corners of Europe, and to invite creative responses to liminality, or the state of in-between-ness, as seen from differing perspectives. North Macedonia has recently changed it’s name, and has passed through and intensive, dramatic five years of street protest, revolution and political re-orientation, moving away from isolationalist nationalism towards a policy of engagement with the EU and international institutions. Scotland, meanwhile, faces a dark existential struggle of it’s own, in the context of debates surrounding EU membership and a possible further independence referendum, with no end in sight to these debates.

Set against this backdrop, the three chosen artists for the show in Aberdeen have all developed new pieces that engage with liminality in very particular ways. Ana Jovanovska (Kumanovo), is interested in audience interaction with the image and will present a work inviting the spectator to augment and change the images she has presented by means of a tablet; encouraging discussion around the notions of authorship and finish.

Ana Lazarevska (Skopje) will show a darkened installation that encourages to re-connect with the other through our heartbeats; sidelining technology in favour of the human, and encouraging us to stop and listen to the rhythms of others.

Ivana Sidzimovska (Berlin / Skopje) produces the most directly political of the three responses, with a two channel video installation entitled “Brexit Means Brexit”. Taking the former Prime Minister’s most notorious platitude, Sidimovska engages with a range of voices around London and the Kent Coast, teasing out the nuances of peoples’ response to the Brexit process and exposing subtle differences in opinion, quite at variance with the polarised shouting match that characterise debate in mainstream politics and on social media, on this very divisive topic.

The exhibition is accompanied by a full colour catalogue featuring the work of all the artists plus critical essays from Jon Blackwood, Project Curator, and Holly Yeoman, who helped to select the three artists for this show.

Ivana Sidzimovska will be in conversation with Jon Blackwood and Zloto (CaroKaroTaxi) on Sunday 9 June at 1730 at the Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen.


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Posted by: Jon Blackwood