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Institutions, Borders and Politics in the Contemporary Art World

17:00 on 9 May 2019
Hunter Lecture Theatre, Edinburgh College of Art

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An evening of talks and panel discussion with Professor Marina Grzinic, Morgan Quaintance and Dr. Yaiza Hernández Velázquez

Rapidly shifting technological and geopolitical paradigms constantly restructure the art world and its institutions, impacting the ways in which borders, hierarchies and inequalities are instantiated and negotiated. Given the recent ongoing displacement crises and the rise of divisive, neo-reactionary ideology, the border has been re-articulated as an expanded site of political, theoretical and artistic contestation. The talks will reflect on some of the main global issues of the current historical moment, including revived nationalism, populism and neo-fascism, growing inequalities, shifting gender realities and digital technologies, examing also how they are registered in creative practice and its institutional conditions. Overall, the event aims to generate discussion on the contemporary art world and its relation to the notion of the border through multiple approaches and sub-foci: technological, socio-political, aesthetic, amongst others.

Maria Tzanakou, 272 Days, 2014. Post card, installation detail

Maria Tzanakou, 272 Days, 2014. Post card, installation detail