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Jessica Higgins: front matter

4 April 2019 until 4 May 2019

front matter is a new exhibition of work by Glasgow based artist Jessica Higgins produced in anticipation and to accompany dedications – a new performance that will debut at Outskirts Festival 2019.

A series of print and sculptural artworks are presented as an expanded score inspired by the speculative space of the promotional poster and bulletins. Through notation, citation and fictioning, a series of new artworks will populate Platform’s public thoroughfares; lending volume to the habitual performing body through forms of speaking, listening, address and acknowledgement.

dedications is an exploration of Higgins interests in the nuances of performance and relationships, alongside the subject of ‘cover songs’ and ‘dedications’ usually featured in radio programmes. Imitating radio shows, broadcasts, shout outs, spaces of listening, going on and off script, work gossip, speaking blunders, leisure, stress, distraction, habits and so on…… delivered in chorus style – featuring singing, speaking, repetition and movement.



Jessica Higgins

Jessica Higgins