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L'intrigue se cherche dans le dénouement de son noeud

10 May 2018 until 30 June 2018
la compagnie, lieu de création

L’intrigue se cherche dans le dénouement de son nœud is the collaborative ‘writing’ of an exhibition that has emerged from a conversation between the artists, Douglas Morland and Doriane Souilhol, and the curator Francesca Zappia, and which recounts, step by step, its own conditions of conception and evolution. Borrowing from the vocabulary of the theatre, the title of the project defines a critical and working framework that reflects the process of the exhibition’s meta-creation.

In the French theatrical lexicon, nœud [the climax] is that moment when all the elements of the plot come together, the suspense of an unknown denouement to come, a creative entanglement that prompts the realisation of the final action. In L’intrigue se cherche dans le dénouement de son nœud, the nœud symbolises the exchanges between the artists, the multiple directions of work and orientations of the project, and the idea that the exhibition writes its own intrigue [plot] while resolving the creative and collaborative tensions within the realisation of new artworks.

L’intrigue se cherche dans le dénouement de son nœud is a franco-scottish project organised within the frame of the programme Love Letters of the Printemps de l’art contemporain festival in Marseille. It also features a publication that returns to the conversations the artists have had over the last year (design by Camille Arnould).

Online is a radiophonic interview / sound-piece realised with radio grenouille :

Performance Wednesday 9 May at 8pm
Sur le bout de la langue / On the Tip of the Tongue
by Doriane Souilhol and Douglas Morland
at the MAC – Museum of Contemporary Art 
69 avenue d’Haifa, 13008 Marseille

The exhibition is part of the programme Love Letters – Printemps de l’art contemporain. Coproduction MP2018, Quel Amour !
With the support of Institut français Paris and Ville de Marseille, of Glasgow City Council and Fluxus Art Projects.



Posted by: Francesca Zappia