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Legacies of commissioning

13:00 on 13 June 2007
Wolfson Medical School, University of Glasgow

This seminar put the case for collecting and collections as a fundamental aspect of a healthy cultural infrastructure. Those new to all of this might ask why? Why not let curators and museums get on with it – surely they are well able to look after their collecting needs on their own? But first of all, there is no, or very little, money. Secondly, the physical infra-structure is in pretty poor repair; with buildings which are no longer fit for purpose. Thirdly, museums can’t easily cope with the technical and conservation challenges associated with new media and materials. And above all, artistic practice and museum culture have changed enormously in the last twenty to thirty years.

Sheila McGregor, Chair
Jeremy Webster, Collections Curator, The Collection Gallery, Lincoln
Victoria Hollows, Gallery Manager, Gallery of Modern Art [GoMA], Glasgow
Mark McClean, Collection Curator, National Trust for Scotland, Newhailes
Sophie Macpherson and Anne-Marie Copestake, artists, Travelling Gallery


Posted by: Ben Spencer