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Live from the Academicians’ Studio with Jo Ganter RSA

19:00 on 16 July 2020

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In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the inability to host in-person events, the RSA is offering a series of virtual events entitled, ‘Live from the Academicians’ Studio.’ These events will provide a unique experience to hear directly from RSA Academicians, view their studios, and learn more about their practice. Each event will be chaired by a fellow Academician who will help facilitate the event and lead the conversation.

Our first event will feature Jo Ganter RSA on Thursday 16 July at 7pm.

Jo Ganter moved into her studio space in Glasgow’s East end in 1993 and continues to work there now, with only a brief interlude during lockdown this year. It is a much valued place for activities both practical and esoteric: thinking, drawing, preparing paper to print on, looking at and editing her images. It is also where she archives her work in the three sets of plan chest drawers that take up about a quarter of the space. Jo will take you on a personal tour of the work stored there, selecting pieces from each decade that are important to her practice.

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Jo Ganter's Studio, Glasgow

Jo Ganter's Studio, Glasgow