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Making Art in Saudi Arabia – In Conversation with Abdulnasser Gharem

17:30 on 12 March 2019
Dovecot Studios

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For his first visit to Scotland, artist Abdulnasser Gharem will discuss the landscape of contemporary art in Saudi Arabia. As Gharem bears witness to the evolution of art education, history, galleries and the art market in a notoriously conservative culture, the artist will share what it means to be part of a new school of Saudi artists who are finding an international audience, and changing perceptions of contemporary art in the Middle East.

The event is free with the In Conversation beginning at 18:00.

This talk is part of the British Council’s Culture and Sport programme in the Gulf, supported by the UK Government’s Integrated Activity Fund.

About the Artist
Abdulnasser Gharem (1973, Saudi Arabia) is a conceptual artist who operates in multiple fields, challenging the perception of art and visual culture in his native Saudi Arabia. His work comprises photography, video, performance, and sculpture. In his performances he playfully uses the street as a canvas to construct a social critique, often by welcoming collaboration and involving the community. As a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Saudi Arabian Army, themes of control and authority can be felt within this work, as well as a desire to preserve and respect the history upon which traditional art is built. Gharem’s conceptual work not only references his heritage as it is also politically and socially astute.


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Concrete Block (Red and White) 2013

Concrete Block (Red and White) 2013