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Making Ceramic Tiles

27 June 2020 until 4 July 2020
Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover

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TUTOR Kevin Andrew Morris
DAY Saturdays 10am – 4pm
DATES 27 June & 4 July (2 days)
LOCATION Art Studios

During this two-day Masterclass Kevin will introduce participants to the basics of making tiles through hand-building and press-moulding, offering the chance for beginners and intermediate students to design and make their own set of tiles as well as apply glaze and decals onto pre-made bisque tiles. All work will be fired after the class and be available to pick up at a later date.

Course Content and Structure:

Day 1
Introduction to traditional and contemporary tiles as well as the basic principles of making hand-built tiles using impressed, incised and relief decoration techniques.

Introduction to mixing and pouring plaster.

Making a plaster mould of tiles made as well as experimenting with stamp/sprig-mould and scratch block techniques. Finished moulds will go on to be used to make a set of tiles.

Further tidying/finishing of plaster forms if required. Introduction to press moulding and using moulds to make a set of tiles

Day 2
Introduction to slip decoration/finishing techniques (inlay, incising/sgraffito stencils, slip trailing, combing) marbling/agateware. Applying techniques to tiles made.

Introduction to the basic principles of coloured glazes, application and surface decoration. Glaze mixing and application demonstration – pouring, dipping and brushing techniques. Preparing paper resists for glazing.

Introduction to the basics of using decals and transfers on pre-existing tiles. Exploring themes and techniques present in Kevin’s work, participants will use a range of imagery printed onto ceramic decals to upcycle tiles, learning how to apply decals onto ceramic surfaces and compositional approaches to using decals.



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