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River Dissolve - an evening of poetry and conversation

18:00 on 15 October 2018
A-M-G5, 106 Oxford House, 71 Oxford Street, G5 9EP

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An evening of readings and conversation at Merlin James’s exhibition ‘A View of the Clyde River at Glasgow, 2018’.

Poetry is important to James, and for his exhibition at A-M-G5 a new poem was commissioned from Harry Gilonis, a version of a riverine verse by T’ang Dynasty poet Yu Hsüan-chi. Gilonis will read a selection from his translations of Chinese poems, many dealing with river imagery and the associated themes of passing, parting and loss. He will be joined by David Hopkins and Merlin James for a discussion about poetry and painting, touching on ideas of translation, metaphor, lyricism and genre. The discussion will be chaired by Andrew Mummery.

River Dissolve will take place in front of Merlin James’s painting ‘Dredge’.

The event is free but booking is essential to reserve a place. To book a place please write to

Posted by: Andrew Mummery

Merlin James, 'Dredge'

Merlin James, 'Dredge'