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Method (in the madness)

30 July 2016 until 21 August 2016
Patriothall Gallery

Untitled. Oil on canvas.
Untitled. Mixed media.
Untitled. Copper sulphate, thread and salt on dried fish skins.
Which work sounds more exciting?

Method (in the madness) is an exhibition celebrating unusual processes and methods in making work. Consciously or not, this selection of artists have moved away from more traditional and expected means of producing art preferring instead to experiment across fields of science, mathematics, geology, philosophy, history, archaeology…

In Laura McGlinchey’s case, she concocts her own thick, gloopy cauldrons of paint to slather on top of slabs of layered cardboard and discarded paper, often scavenged from the likes of advertising boards.

Emma Rogers uses paper in a very different way, creating installations using an accumulation of painstakingly folded neat, geometric forms, often burning or distorting them to produce alien landscapes of form, texture and colour.

Continuing along the theme of endurance, Dom McIvor produces large scale drawings and maquettes formed by a rhythmic and strategic method of mark-making and removing, celebrating the imperfections created by human error.

Vivian Ross-Smith drops paints and brushes for natural processes, often creating layered surfaces inspired by the geology of remote landscapes with materials as varied as salt, fish skins, resin, copper sulphate and minerals (to name just a few!) and processes inspired by traditional craft methods.

Davy Forsyth combines feats of science and engineering, forming a unique method of print-making: imparting the surface and form of metal objects, hand built machines and printing presses onto paper, using water, pressure and mild acids.

Jen Bradley adopts the role of archivist, attempting to decipher, categorize and evaluate found materials by organising intricate and fragile displays of often overlooked objects including the likes of door buzzers and fragments of paper; remnants of a fleeting existence.

Method (in the madness) is a unique exhibition showcasing a different take on how art can be produced and what it can be made from. So come along and see some paintings without a spot of paint, prints without a hint of ink and be enthralled by the methods used by this inspiring group of artists working in Scotland today!



Posted by: David McDiarmid