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Netflix & Stills: Stranger Things

18:00 on 4 December 2019
Stills: Centre for Photography

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Free, but ticketed.

This 4 part lecture series will explore how the biggest online streaming shows influence our photography and our minds! Wednesdays, 6-9pm 20 Nov – 11 Dec 2019

Wednesday, 4 Dec 2019 6-9pm

With a mix of philosophical questioning and insights into the photographic techniques used – these lectures will change the way you binge
About this Event
Each of the four sessions in our Netflix and Stills series (come on, its funny!)(note, some are actually on amazon…) will see theoretical ideas paired up with photographic approaches and techniques used in the series being discussed that week, giving you the chance to discuss the fine and not so fine points of some of the culture we spend most time appreciating right now!

Week Three is Stranger Things. We couldn’t really not do Stranger Things, every office up and down the country contains at least one Starcourt Mall Mug… Why did this revival of ET for adults starring children work? What does history mean when yesterday counts as “retro”? And is Alanis Morrisette responsible for the 2008 global financial crisis!? Come along on the 4th of December to find out!

No prior reading is required for this course, but some interest in photography, philosophy and culture is advised.

It is recommended that you watch one or two episodes of each of the series before attending, just so you have a flavour or what is being discussed. We do not take any responsibility for you getting hooked!

Delivered by Stills’ Research Associate and Tutor David Grinly.

Posted by: Cheryl Connell