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Noon | Rachel Adams

15 September 2018 until 20 October 2018
David Dale Gallery

Saturday 15th September | 6-9 pm

15.09 – 13.10.18

Thursday – Saturday 12 – 6 pm, or by appointment.

Working within creative, menial, domestic and administrative labour Rachel Adams’s installation, with iterations in Glasgow and Sheffield, considers the linked systems that govern both the natural and manmade world and the possibilities where the two intersect. We are surrounded by incomprehensible systems, that detail not only the current shifts in society and technology, but also the environment and the natural world. Adams’s work exists at the collapse of boundaries between the natural and the synthetic, and the role technology and labour play in this breakdown.

This exhibition has been produced in partnership with Bloc Projects, Sheffield.

Rachel Adams (b. Newcastle upon Tyne, 1985) lives and work in Glasgow. Adams recently completed an MFA at the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford. Recent exhibitions include, Right Twice a Day, Jerwood Visual Arts Project Space, London (2018); Insight 20, Yoshimi Arts, Osaka, Japan (2018); Mostra, British School at Rome, Rome, Italy (2016); How to Live in a Flat, The Tetley, Leeds (2014); Long Reach, domobaal, London (2014); Mood is Made/Temperature is Taken, Glasgow Sculpture Studio, Glasgow (2014).



Noon, Rachel Adams, 15.09 - 20.10.18, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow.

Noon, Rachel Adams, 15.09 - 20.10.18, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow.