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'of sugar and Bones', Thulani Rachia

17:00 on 19 September 2019
Civic Room, 215 High St, Glasgow G1 1QB

Thulani Rachia, ‘of sugar and Bones’
Preview Thursday 19th September 5pm-8pm
Exhibition Friday 21st September to Sunday 3rd November
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 1pm to 6pm daily

“what do You remember?
my body told Me that this land is built on sugar and Bones.
how do We excavate the Dreams which were laid to rest in these walls?”

From the end of the 19th Century, Glasgow’s trading industries, manufacturing bases and geographical position leads it to be referred to as the Second City of the Empire. The River Clyde in particular becomes a conduit for transportation and trade, aiding the generation of wealth and the advancement of Glasgow to a centre of colonial profits. Today, the built fabric of the city is scattered with reminders of the city’s connections with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. However, these emblems of authoritative memory and the continual process of urban renewal are petrifying the city into a state of collective amnesia.

‘of sugar and Bones’ is a site specific installation responding to the imperial architecture of the Civic Room and its surrounds and seeks to make an interjection about our collective memory and who we are as a city.

Integrating the fields of architecture, performing and visual arts, Thulani’s practice currently sees him exploring site and history and how these come together in the formation of identity, culture and memory.

Walking tour: Friday 27th September 2pm Civic Room
Led by Adebusola Ramsay, the tour highlights some of Glasgow city’s built heritage and its relationship to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.
Artist breakfast: Saturday 5th October 11am Civic Room
An opportunity to meet with the artist and learn more about the exhibition.
Film Screening: Friday 18th October 6:00pm CCA Cinema
A video compilation exploring themes of the exhibition ‘of sugar and Bones’ by Thulani Rachia.

‘of sugar and Bones’ is the third exhibition featured in the one year programme Of Lovely Tyrants and Invisible Women investigating themes of spatial politics, gender and racial hierarchies within imperial architecture.

Of Lovely Tyrants and Invisible Women is co-curated by Director, Sarah Strang and Associate Curator, Alasdair Campbell and is generously funded by Creative Scotland with additional project funding provided by The National Lottery Heritage Fund. Civic Room receives support in-kind from Oran Mor, Carson & Partners and Civic Room Advisory.


Image: Thulani Rachia, People Make Glasgow, 2019

Image: Thulani Rachia, People Make Glasgow, 2019