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ON/ OFF feat. Black Blossoms

18:00 on 13 November 2018

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ON/OFF is a series of discussions produced and chaired by online-based collective TabloidArtHistory at Stills: Centre for Photography, Edinburgh. Over the course of three weeks, TabloidArtHistory will receive various internet-based art producers, critics and writers, and explore with them the specificity of their practices, online and offline. ON / OFF seeks to map-out the changes and evolution of the art discourse in the digital era, in conversations entirely led by producers whose work is at the centre of these changes.

13.11.18///Bee Tajudeen from Black Blossoms speaks to TabloidArtHistory about art history online, curation and art production in the digital era

Single ticket £6
Ticket for all three talks £12 (concessions available)


Posted by: Cheryl Connell

Image by Bastian Birk Thuesen

Image by Bastian Birk Thuesen