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online culture: social media and the visual arts

13:30 on 22 June 2010
Inspace, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

One in a series of informal workshops organised by VAGA to discuss issues and topics impacting on the visual arts sector, but transferable to other disciplines. This event explored some of the wider issues around the use of social media and the challenge of how cultural organisations, particularly visual arts organisations, can harness social media/digital technology effectively, to engage audiences and promote networking etc. What might the future hold as organisations develop a digital presence as well as physical centres? What are the pros and cons of opening up your organisation online? How to manage output and interaction effectively?

Key objectives:
• explore online platforms available to your organisation, how to access wider online communities and how audiences can find you;
• learn about online presences, smart spaces, responsive environments;
• suggest tactics / events / actions to promote social media networking;
• consider the costs, skills and resources required to develop & maintain a social media presence;
• bring together people working across visual arts practice and identify other issues affecting curatorial practice associated with the presentation of contemporary visual art.

Speakers were:
John Maxwell Hobbs, Head of Technology, BBC Scotland
Mark Daniels, Executive Director, New Media Scotland
Emlyn Firth, ISO Design
Janie Nicoll, artist


Posted by: Ben Spencer