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Open City: A Creative Writing Workshop

14:00 on 22 March 2020
Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover

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During this workshop we will use the immediate surroundings of House for an Art Lover as a site for reading, writing and walking. There is a rich tradition of writing through walking in the city, from Virginia Woolf to Teju Cole, and we will explore some of this writing as inspiration for our own.

Using quick writing exercises, we will develop new ways of paying attention to our built and natural environment, and connect these observations to our own interior worlds.

Participants will leave this workshop with:
• Practical techniques and creative approaches for writing
• Appreciation of their existing knowledge, experience and capabilities
• Original writing to develop independently
• Expanded knowledge of writers from across genres
• Confidence in sharing writing-in-progress with peers: with the ability to give and receive constructive feedback


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