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OPEN LAB // Marco Giordano: Conjunctive Tissue

23 November 2017 until 14 December 2017

Marco Giordano | Conjunctive Tissue

OPEN LAB from Thursday 23rd Nov to Thursday 14th Dec
OPEN: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 12 – 4pm

CLOSING EVENT: Thursday 14th Dec at 7.00 pm

Conjunctive Tissue is a collaborative project questioning the relationship between ownership and authorship. It takes its cue from a linguistic experiment on ‘coordinating conjunction’ — linking words that join together one or more phrases of equal grammatical rank to produce complex sentences. Marco Giordano invites visitors to sketch designs containing one of these linking words (for, and, nor, or, yet, so) to be then reproduced on large-scale banners using aertex fabric. By binding the artist and visitors into a communal production, this material will function as a conjunctive tissue. For one month the gallery becomes a Lab where local and visiting, individuals and communities can take part in a series of workshops, whose outcomes will be presented to the public at a closing event on 15th December 2017.

Marco Giordano (Italy, 1988) is an artist whose research plays out at the intersection of painting, sculpture, site-specific installation, and co-authored projects. His practice defines itself as intersectional, since his works do not prioritise a contemplative experience within the gallery space, but they emerge from collaboration with visitors, who becomes the ultimate catalyst of the piece. Feeding into performativity, Marco Giordano plays with his role of artist, injecting visitor’s perspective into his production. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Pathetic Fallacy’, Il Colorificio, Milan, Italy; ‘Self-fulfilling-ego’, Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh, UK; ‘Cutis’, Project Room, Glasgow, UK.

This event is part of Civic Room Open and it is curated by Giulia Colletti.


Marco Giordano at CIVIC ROOM

Conjunction Lab, CCA Glasgow, collage by the audience, 2017, courtesy of the artist

Conjunction Lab, CCA Glasgow, collage by the audience, 2017, courtesy of the artist