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Outskirts 2018

15:30 on 28 April 2018
Platform Glasgow

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Taking place across the theatre, studio spaces and public areas of the building, the festival’s rich programme runs from afternoon into the evening, and is a great event in which to soak up a wide range of cross art form experimentation and excellence.


Oliver Pitt (Golden Teacher) and Barry Burns (Radiophrenia) will perform this year’s Easterhouse Conversation – a collaborative composition commissioned by Platform. Conceived in 2015 it seeks to document stories, ideas and moments in the lives of the residents of Easterhouse.

James Kelman and Tom Leonard, two of the leading writers of their generation, will read extracts from their work. The session will be introduced by Joey Simons, who has been researching the work of the Irish poet, novelist and playwright Freddie Anderson. A friend and contemporary of both James Kelman and Tom Leonard, Anderson was a long-time resident of Easterhouse and an influential figure in left-wing culture in Glasgow from the 1950s until his death in 2001.

Platform is delighted to welcome Glasgow International 2018 to Outskirts and festival-goers have the opportunity to see art works and events throughout the day. Jessica Ramm’s new body of work, Personal Structures, has been developed with Platform through workshops and events and is informed by her own childhood in an 80’s squatting community. The structures she creates will present new versions of familiar domestic spaces re-staging an urban environment that resembles Easterhouse. Henry Coombes is creating a new piece of work for Outskirts – a mixture of performance, spoken word, moving image and sound providing an insight into his photography and painting practice. Janie Nicol and Ailie Rutherford present IN KIND, a temporary pop up installation. A collaborative action research project, IN KIND will look at the hidden economies of Glasgow International 2018, focusing on and examining the “below the waterline” economy of the arts.

Taking over the swimming pool, Glasgow based artist collective Love Unlimited present Social Event. Artists will create sculptures, artworks and performances in and around the pool and the audience can view the work from within the water.

KOR! Records, an independent record label creating music projects for young people with additional support needs is presenting a new piece, KOR! Records vs Breakfast Muff, together with the thrillingly uncompromising DIY punk pop trio Breakfast Muff. Geraldine Heaney of KOR! Records says: “The plan is for Breakfast Muff and KOR young musicians to come together to rehearse and find out where we collide, where we cross over and what disruption we can create together.

Sarah Hopfinger presents the first showing of her new dance theatre project Unlikely Duets involving artists and community members working creatively together to devise duet performances, exploring dialogue and the idea of building bridges.

Unbecoming is a solo performance in song, movement and text created and performed by Anna Porubcansky and produced by Company of Wolves. Part theatre show, part music gig Unbecoming is an invitation to a private world, a unique and delicate space where pretence slips away.

Irish singer and multi-instrumentalist Brigid Mae Power comes to Platform having just released her second album The Two Worlds. She confronts the personal and the political in her music with a timeless magic, intense directness and hauntingly honest reflection. Her debut album received widespread praise.

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