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Paladin on The Ramparts

25 November 2019 until 28 August 2019
Art Pistol, Cresswell Lane G12 8AA

I had ten days on my own in Malaga in September 2018, and it is my experiences there which have coalesced into Paladin on The Ramparts.

It all came together in a haphazard way. I didn’t think about what I was doing but simply had experiences and kept up a sketchbook.

I was lonely and fulfilled at the same time. I visited the Pompidou Centre there and was very moved by the Dubuffet exhibition “Handsomer Than They Think”. I loved the Roman artefacts in the Museum, ate a lot of fish, saw some arthouse movies in French and had a shoal of barracuda swim close under me while snorkelling, bought sunglasses and drew every day on a tiny tile which I found on the beach, and every
day erased it ready for the next day. I don’t know why I chose to do these things…


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No Narrative in The Moment

No Narrative in The Moment