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Photographic Parallels

00:00 on 30 November -0001
aff Gallerie Kochhannstr. 14 10249 Berlin (Friedrichshain)

Street Level Photoworks partners with Berlin’s aff Gallerie to present some of the new talents in Glasgow’s photographic art scene whose work speculates on notions of Place and Cultural Identity in relation to nationality, social class, generation, and locality. Alishia Farnan’s work ‘Social State’ deals with post-industrial town planning looking at some of the social spaces where people who were heavily involved in industry spend their free time. Ilisa Stack’s series ‘Oot tae Play’ focuses on Glasgow children at play, creating a social document around specific post code areas identified as being areas of ‘multiple deprivation’. Declan Finn Malone’s work ‘I’m not a grafter, but my ancestors were’ references the legacies of his family’s working class origins, and his own self-perception in relation to this.

This exhibition is part of a larger Artistic Exchange through Contemporary Photography featuring a residency exchange and exhibitions in Berlin and Glasgow.

This exhibition is part of Monat der Fotographie OFF initiated by the Paris Berlin Photo Group, which takes place in multiple locations in Berlin from mid-October to the end of November.


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Ilisa Stack, from the series 'Oot tae Play'

Ilisa Stack, from the series 'Oot tae Play'