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Photography for Kids Ages 8 – 13

8 June 2019 until 22 June 2019
Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover

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This course offers an experimental, hands-on workshop for young people which is beyond conventional digital photography.

Using a variety of materials, kids will build, create and load their own pinhole cameras with light sensitive paper to make intriguing analogue photographs – all by hand! From initial designs and concepts, to image making in the camera, through to dark room developing, we will produce a series of unique crafted images within the grounds of Bellahouston Park. This is a fun and rewarding, time-based process that involves imaginative decision making, planning and creative spirit!

Participants are welcome to bring their own items to recycle and transform into a functional camera, including tins, pots, boxes and cans etc. This is an accessible learning environment welcome to all.

Project Aims:

Develop individual and team-working collaborative skills.
To gain an understanding of Analogue Photography.
Understanding light and exposure.
To gain an understanding of darkroom developing.
Considering alternative forms of image making.
To Learn basic Photoshop skills and features.


Your Tutor:
Callum Rice is a BAFTA award winning filmmaker and photographer based in Glasgow who works between alternative printing and the moving image. Callum graduated from Communication Design at Glasgow School of Art in 2013. He has exhibited at The Sundance Film Festival, Utah 2016, The British Film Institute, South Bank London 2017, and at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition Venice Biennale in 2018.




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Image courtesy of Callum Rice

Image courtesy of Callum Rice