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Pop-up Creative Reactions Launch: GYRE at TENT gallery, ECA

10:00 on 12 May 2018
Tent Gallery Evolution House, 78 West Port, EH1 2LE

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Objects give form to our desires and when no longer useful become ‘unseen’.

GYRE is an installation exploring how we discard once important items and the impact of our ‘forgetting‘ on the environment. Since 2010 I have collected and documented plastic waste ~ including hundreds of PET foil balloons ~  from ocean beaches in Scotland and the east coast of America. In the context of GYRE these objects are ‘seen’ again, revealing a process of disconnection and collective amnesia.

GYRE will be exhibited as part of Creative Reactions, Pint of Science Festival

Creative Reactions (CR) is a science-art pop-up event launching Pint of Science Festival, Edinburgh taking place at the TENT Gallery from 10am to 6pm. Works by Michele Marcoux, Fusion artist and scientist Penelope Kay, artist Tom Pratt, as well as work from an ASCUS hosted sci-art workshop. Followed by a drinks reception and panel discussion. 

MICHELE MARCOUX is an Edinburgh based artist interested in the potential of materials to reveal the truth of our relationships, both with each other and with the external world.


Michele Marcoux - Gyre