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Project Day: Intro to the Platinum / Palladium Print

11:00 on 28 July 2019
Stills Centre For Photography

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Photography’s birth is typically understood as being in the mid-19th Century and while the term “photography” was coined then, experimentation with optical devices, as well as photochemical properties and reactions has been explored for centuries.

While digital media’s popularity has surpassed mass use of chemical photography (now thought of as “alternative photography”) there has been a strong movement to re-embrace these printing practices. This one-day course will introduce you to a beautiful printing process which gained popularity around the turn of the 20th century.

We will begin with one pre-prepared negative* and delve into the rich tonal range and process of the Pt/PD print and explore the benefits of marrying contemporary digital technology with this fantastic analogue process.

This short course is suitable for both beginners and experienced photographers wanting to brush up on skills and learn some new tricks. It is also an exciting introduction to Alternative Processes and will provide excellent structure for future exploration and enable you to work confidently on your own creative projects. Students are encouraged to bring in additional materials, negatives or previous work for discussion.

Courses are open to all individuals aged 16 and over. We cannot accept bookings for participants under this age.


Posted by: Cheryl Connell