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Project Day: The City / Architecture Photography

11:00 on 8 March 2020
Stills Centre For Photography

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Project Days are designed for those who are already familiar with digital photography processes but who want to pursue a particular aspect or develop more specific skills in one or more areas.

This one day introduction to city and architecture photography is aimed at beginners or those looking to improve their skills in DSLR photography who are moving beyond the auto and program modes, and want take more confident creative control over their cameras.

You will take your camera-handling skills out into the streets of a UNESCO World Heritage city, celebrated for the harmonious contrast between the orderly, neo-classical New Town with the organic ‘precipitous city’ of the Castle hill. It is also a modern urban space with its share of provocative developments that invite celebration and outrage in equal measure. Similar to landscape shooting with light and environmental conditions constantly changing – no matter how carefully you plan; city and architecture photography celebrates and explores the man-made artifacts that landscape photographers conventionally exclude.

We will explore a variety of city environments, all within a short walk (or maybe a tram ride) from Stills base. We will concentrate on three key decisions each time we shoot: exposure, focus, frame. Three decisions that allow the photographer to develop confidence and proficiency in their camera handling, as well as providing the foundations of aesthetic and creative control that are unique to photography. We will also spend some time investigating lens focal lengths and the effects of space, scale and perspective.

This course is the perfect follow-on from our Digital SLR training courses and will support you in building upon your existing knowledge of DSLR camera skills and becoming a better photographer in general. It will help you to work confidently on your own creative projects and develop the artist in you.


Posted by: Cheryl Connell