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Re-reading: ecofeminism

18:30 on 26 June 2019
The Project Cafe

Re-reading: ecofeminism
Thursday 27th June, 6.30pm-9pm
The Project Cafe Glasgow
Free & all welcome, please RSVP

With an interest in moving from the invisible to the visible, this reading group invites you to gather for an evening of food, reading and discussion stemming from the text ‘Intersectionality and the Changing Face of Ecofeminism’ by A.E. Kings.

The evening is hosted by artist-curator Yvonne Billimore and with the assistance of curator and Glasgow Supper Club chef Lydia Honeybone. It brings together their shared interest in ecofeminist discourse and creating situations for exchange, often made possible through pots of food.

The selected text, recommended by a member of the Feminist Duration Reading Group (look them up!), examines “the changing nature of ecofeminism and the importance of continuing to work within an intersectional framework”. Prior reading is recommended but not essential. The evening will begin with food and opportunity to read/familiarise with the text. We will read a section of the text aloud together, reading aloud is optional.

Please RSVP to [email protected] to receive the text and allow us to prepare for numbers. All food and refreshments are vegan, please inform of any allergies.

A link to the text has now been shared on the page so you can also find it there, but please still RSVP. Thanks

This reading group is the first in a series facilitated by Yvonne Billimore as part of an ongoing research project, which brings attention to some of the under-recognised and marginalised narratives with the ecofeminist movement. Much of this research is currently situated in reading Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp through archival materials. A section of documents from archives in London and Glasgow will also be shared for browsing on the evening.

No prior knowledge of Greenham or ecofeminism is required, the focus is on creating space for collective learning, inter-referencing and exchange between people with different knowledges, backgrounds and experiences. We welcome feminists of all genders and generations and aim to create a safer space that is inclusive of a multiplicity of gender identities and expressions, whilst recognising the intersections of these identities with various systems of oppression including race, ethnicity, religion, disability, class, age and sexuality. People attending this event are asked to be considerate of how their language and behaviour might impact others in the space.

This event is a collaboration between Yvonne Billimore and Lydia Honeybone. Supported by Curatorial Studio, a project devised by Kirsteen Macdonald and delivered by Scottish Contemporary Art Network (SCAN) and The Project Cafe. Many thanks to all!