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Reading Photography: Week 3 Photography as Social Tool

06:00 on 6 June 2018

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How have changes in technology affected the way photography is experienced and understood, and how have these things changed the coordinates of our communication?

Delivered in 6 parts David Grinly leads us through a programme of evening discussions responding to a lecture on the Nature of Photography now.

Pick and choose what sessions to join or come along to all 6.

£10 each or £50 for 6.

Week Three – Photography as a Social Tool.
Having considered the methods by which photographs are made, this week focuses on selected historical uses of photography, tracing a course through some well known and some lesser well known historical images and their publication. Where and how are photographs delivered? And how have the significant shifts in communications in the past twenty years altered the efficacy and reliability of our social world,



Posted by: Cheryl Connell