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rinse the mouth-rinse the mouth: a dialogue between Lauren Printy Currie and Word/Mouth

10 April 2019 until 3 April 2019
Civic Room

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rinse the mouth-rinse the mouth
a dialogue between Lauren Printy Currie and Word/Mouth
10th April | Meeting place: Civic Room at 6.15pm

As part of the exhibition Masses and Classes and Apparatus of Capture, we would like to invite you to join us in a dialogue with artist Lauren Printy Currie hosted by Anna Clark, Naomi van Dijck, Katherine Murphy, and Elena Zaccagnini.

Moving through different materialities, forms and textures, Lauren’s new sculptural work in Civic Room brings together her research into the textile industry’s role in the chronicling of historical events interweaved with personal narratives and moments of experience; a texture of different stories and elements.

In rinse the mouth – rinse the mouth, we will be entangling bodies and words in a walk. Trusting the serendipity of five* in Lauren’s work, we will occupy five sites in the area that surrounds Civic Room; observing our surroundings, sharing the references that we carry along and looking for moments of transformation ― from body to object, from material to thought, from thought to language.

Throughout the event, we will gradually build an intertwined dialogue of thought, movement and text between us and the participants attending. With this invitation and your presence, we wish to generate an open conversation where the ideas mentioned will cross and encircle Lauren’s work to open up a new space for understanding and embodiment, and as a way to evoke new discussions and conversations on her practice.

Booking is free but spaces are limited as we would like to create an intimate environment which supports and encourages dialogue. In order to do this, we have been thoughtful in limiting the number of participants for this event.

We look forward to welcoming you and please keep watching our Word / Mouth Instagram @wordmouth for more updates.

Practical Information:

- The event will take place over several locations, which will include some walking in between. Some of this event will take place outside, please wear suitable clothing and footwear. – Can we ask you to arrive promptly at 6.15pm to Civic Room 215 High Street – This event will be audio-recorded, not for public use, but for private use only. – If you have any special requirements, please let the Civic Room know ahead of time. – Due to the nature of this event, your invitation is for you only. Unfortunately, we can not facilitate any extra persons arriving on the date without a reserved ticket. – Should you be unable to attend, please let us know beforehand as your space can be reallocated.

Word/Mouth is a curatorial collective made up of Anna Clark, Naomi van Dijck, Katherine Murphy and Elena Zaccagnini operating in Glasgow. Word/Mouth explores dialogue as a form and as a method; specifically through friendship, hospitality, writing and our surroundings as ways to give new perspectives to artistic practices.

*Serendipity of five. There are five individual panels that make up the fabric piece in the installation. Together with Lauren and Word / Mouth, we make up five persons.