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Roundtable Conversation: Mathew Parkin & Mason Leaver-Yap – 'Meet me at The Vintners (What you're looking for is looking for you)'

21 May 2020 until 11 May 2020
The Vintners – Online via Jitsi

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Join Mathew Parkin and Mason Leaver-Yap at The Vintners, a former Glasgow gay bar and imaginary space for staging communal conversation, revisiting queer histories and engaging in discourse on collective identity.

The discussion will be informed and embedded in the context of Sharon Hayes’ Ricerche series of films (2013 – ongoing), particularly ‘Ricerche: three’, (2013) which was filmed with students of the all-women’s college Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts.

Participants will assemble as a collaborative learning group to understand constructions of togetherness and individuality. The virtual space of The Vintners will serve as a backdrop to a series of guided exercises, short screenings, and conversational prompts. This gathering will instigate the development of a few collective questions, with an eye on recent queer history and its relevance to the here and now.

How to Participate:
– This online gay bar is open to the messiness and solidarity that one would expect IRL. Please self-select your participation on that basis.

– The Vintners has capacity for 15 people. To participate, please send a few lines to [email protected] about why you want to meet at The Vintners and what you might like from our time together. We look forward to confirming your participation over email and we will send further instructions about how to find the bar online.

– We ask participants to watch Sharon Hayes’ ‘Ricerche: three’ (2013) in advance of this session, and join us at The Vintners for two hours.

Technical Requirements:
– As this is an online meeting, participants will need access to a computer capable of sending and receiving audio and video over a stable internet connection.

– Please use Google Chrome as your web browser (this browser works best with Jitsi. Jitsi also provides its own Jitsi Meet app if preferred for smartphone/tablet use).

– Information with an online link and password will be distributed to confirmed participants in advance of our session.

Mathew Parkin is an artist, writer and home cook mainly working with moving-image, family and friends. They are based in Glasgow and have recently been in residence at Art House, CCA Glasgow and Hospitalfield Arts. Recent public projects have been with LUX Scotland, Tramway, Grand Union and IMT Gallery.

Mason Leaver-Yap works with artists to produce texts, exhibitions, and events. Based in Glasgow and Berlin, they are currently working with Iman Issa, Onyeka Igwe, Lucy McKenzie, Lin+Lam, Andrea Büttner, Renée Green, and Ingrid Pollard.



Image courtesy of Mathew Parkin & Mason Leaver-Yap

Image courtesy of Mathew Parkin & Mason Leaver-Yap