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School of Inattention issues the "Margaretrose" in celebration of Margaret Tait's centenary.

1 November 2018 until 30 November 2018

School of Inattention in Edinburgh.

In a gestural homage to Scottish poet and film artist Margaret Tait (1918–99)—and in celebration of her centenary —“School of Inattention” will issue the “Margaretrose”, an editioned flower (25) imbued with the scent and traces of an Edinburgh past. A single blush pink rose, grown locally is delicately rubbed in soot from an Edinburgh fireplace.

Tait had a studio on Rose Street in the 1950’s, and at that time Edinburgh was a sooty place. The coal burning fires poured smoke from the chimneys, leaving residues of soot and coal dust in the air and on the buildings. Tait also loved flowers, they are a constant emblem in many of her films, often shot in her own gardens.

“School of Inattention” is a project run by artists Anne Colvin and Juniper Broughton with the desire to explore the ineffable.

To request a hand-delivered “Margaretrose”, (price by donation) contact

Posted by: Anne Colvin