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Self Publishing Toolkit

25 February 2020 until 10 March 2020

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  • & Saturday, 21 March 11am -5pm

Learn to develop, produce and share your own artwork in book form.

This DIY course will provide resources for you start making artist books focussing on making, editing and experimenting. Each week will explore a different area of DIY publication making, providing you with the method and resources to keep your project developing.

This course will respond to individual needs and interests, enabling you to get the most from the tutor and Stills. The end goal isn’t necessarily a finished published book but instead a Tool Kit providing you with a plethora of ways in which to continue your book making practice.

This course will include:

Developing your project
Editing your content
Learning different approaches to book making
Learning different ways of presentation
Learning about self-publishing history and current communities
Producing book maquettes
The aim of each session is to focus on a different aspect of artist book making. Each week there will be homework for the next session.

Posted by: Cheryl Connell