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Social Event. Curated by Love Unlimited.

15:00 on 21 April 2018
Platform Glasgow

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STASIS, Sgàire Wood, Urara Tsuchiya, James St Findlay, Lauren Hall, Winnie Herbstein, Jasleen Kaur, Vanessa Lim Shu Yi, Brendan McGuire, Paul McKee, Kate Morgan, Rosa Nussbaum, and Rosie Vohra

Taking place in Easterhouse swimming pool, Social Event is a sculptural and performance-based event that’s immersive in the most literal sense. Performances will take place in and around the pool. Sculptures will be floating and submerged, with the audience viewing the work from within the water.

The artists respond to the public pool’s political history, the context of health and leisure, as well as issues concerning the body and gender by making diverse works which require activation through audience participation, both directly and through more subtle means.


Rosa Nussbaum_photocredit_riel Sturchio

Rosa Nussbaum_photocredit_riel Sturchio