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Speaking in Tongues

8 February 2014 until 23 March 2014

This exhibition brings together three influential artists: Susan Hiller, Pavel Büchler and Sonia Boyce. Each has an important place in the development of contemporary art in Britain.

Sonia Boyce charts the experience of growing up as a black woman in a white society, exploring the role of gender, religion, politics and popular culture in the formation of contemporary black life in the UK.

Pavel Büchler, born in Czecheslovakia (“a country that no longer exists”) describes his practice as “making nothing happen”, while bringing a particular East European perspective to contemporary art.

Susan Hiller, who abandoned a career in anthropology to become an artist, reveals the repressed and the unconscious in the everyday: her fascination with mystical, supernatural and paranormal manifestations in our culture forms the basis of several landmark installations such as Psi Girls, From Here to Eternity, and Witness.


CCA Speaking in Tongues


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