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19:00 on 8 December 2014
CCA Cinema

Talk See Photography’s December event will be a proposal slam and we are looking for submissions to be presented at the event.

Glasgow’s fine art scene has a worldwide reputation which is established far beyond the ordinary circles of fine art. The speculations as to why it is such a huge success are multiple, some of them more truthful than others. Earlier this year art critic Moira James articulated the thought that the word “miracle” implicitly dismisses the hard work by individuals and collectives that make up the very foundation of the generous system of peer exposure that lays the foundation for that which sustains the city’s international art scene.

It is in other words the artist run initiatives, pop up galleries, and other collective and individual actions which on their own and sometimes with the kind support of institutions is the real secret to the success story of art in this city. Now TalkSeePhotography picks up on this proud Glaswegian tradition of DIY by organising a session where we invite individuals or groups to present a curatorial idea.

In this session TSP has invited Curators/want-to-be-Curators/Artists/Anyone with a vision of something photographic to curate/publish or both to submit a proposal from which a few will be chosen to present their suggested curatorial project.

A panel will give a response to the chosen proposals. Further guidelines for how to submit will be published at TalkSeePhotography FB or Scottish Contemporary art network under opportunities .

TalkSeePhotography is a monthly event with presentations by photography practitioners, curators, and writers which are followed by an open discussion.


Image N.Bacos

Image N.Bacos