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TalkSeePhotography International The Finnish Connection

21:00 on 13 April 2015
CCA Cinema

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TSP April will see Director Alla Räisänen from the Finnish photographer’s associations gallery Hippolyte and Julia Heikkinen Deputy Director from Oulo Northern Photographic Centre.

Räisänen and Heikkinen are also representatives for NEP (the Nordic Photography Network) which operates together with main photography centres across the Nordic Countries. NEPs aim is to increase collaboration and deeper, mutual knowledge about artistic practices in the field of contemporary camera-based art within the Nordic countries and a broader international context.

Räisänen and Heikkinen will present their work at their respective organisation and The Nordic Photography Network. The event has been made possible with the support of Creative Scotland and Finnish FRAME and is one in series to create sustainable productive relationships & exchanges between the nordic and the Scottish scene.

Aside for the public talk there will be one networking workshop with the NPN guests, CCA, Belfast Exposed, Time Span, Phoco, Independent Curator Moncia Nunez, Scan, Streetlevel, Stills and TSP to explore further possibilities for collaborations or exchanges and book workshop with Ida Piemenoff (Chair and book strand responsible at Hippolyte)


Ida Piemenoff

Ida Piemenoff