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19:00 on 8 September 2014
CCA Cinema

TalkSeePhotography is a monthly photography event with presentations by practitioners, curators, and writers followed by open discussions. During fall 2014 TSP launches the first of a series international programs with talks and workshops by scandinavian professionals. These events are interspersed with national presentations and an open call for a project slam. The aim of TSP is to contribute to the diversity of photography in Scotland by creating a platform where different discussions take place and new connections can be created.

The TalkSeePhotography September event will host participants from the Edinburgh based Feis Projects. Fèis is a new group of independent artists and curators who plan to organise exhibitions, events, commissions, publications and research projects across Scotland.

At the event Alastair Cook, Alan McCredie, Jonathan Jouty, and Albie Clark will present and discuss a series of exhibitions, seminars, and other photography and film based projects they are planning to take place and tour scotland during the course of 2015. The group will also share some of their individual work and in discussion we will be able to draw parallels between the individual creations and the importance of organisational artist collaborations.

The event is the first in a series of talks by Scottish individuals and groups that are specifically designed to pay attention to the functions of collaborative efforts, networks and support structures. These national events will be interspersed by international programs with talks and workshops by scandinavian professionals which will be running into 2016.

Alastair Cook -artist in residence for Heritage Lottery supported Absent Voices (Document Britain) . Alan McCredie – author of forthcoming photographic essay One Hundred Weeks of Scotland Luath Press. Jonathan Jouty – one of the funders of Document Britain, and former darkroom specialist at St Andrews University.Albie Clark – founder The Photographer’s Collective and freelance photographer. Susanne Ramsenthaler- widely exhibited visual artist from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Document Britain will shortly be making portfolio reviews. Time, place and how to apply to take part will be announced at the TSP facebook site and here.


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By Jim Mortram

By Jim Mortram