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00:00 on 30 November -0001
CCA Cinema

For TalkSeePhotography’s October event Saxa Art and Books brings the Finnish Photography Museums Chief Curator Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger to Glasgow. Rastenberger is a popular and challenging speaker. She will talk about the museums work and in specific their exhibition #snapshot which examines online visual habits and how they have changed our perseption of the photography. The exhibition is the result of Rastenberger long term research into the social phenomenon of picture sharing and visual literacy. The result transgresses the limits between art and generic uses of the photography made by ordinary people to be shared on Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and art commenting on the phenomenon by international artists such as: Catherine Balet, Erik Kessels, Niklas Kullström and Sisse Stroyer.

Rastenberger invites us to to take a look at the one of the most complex developments in contemporary society and how our anxieties hopes and artistic responces are expressed in our use of photography online. The exhibition and accompanying book is co-produced with Futurice Oy, University of Tampare School of Communication, Media and Theatre and Alto Universities Department of Media Technology.

TalkSeePhotography is a monthly event with presentations by photography practitioners, curators, and writers which are followed by an open discussion. During the fall 2014 TSP launches the first of a series of different international programs with talks and workshops by scandinavian professionals. These events this fall are which are interspersed with national presentations and an open call for a project slam.


Finnish Museum of Photography


Erik Kessel.

Erik Kessel.