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The Battle of Collegelands

18:00 on 1 September 2016
Civic Room, 215 High Street

Glasgow School of Art Summer Series at Civic Room
Show Three Sarah McClintock
Event: 6pm – 8pm, Thursday 1 September 2016

Exhibition: 2 September – 11 September 2016, Tues to Sun, 12noon – 5pm
For the third show in the GSA Summer Series at Civic Room 2016, we are delighted to introduce GSA graduate Sarah McClintock with a new performance – The Battle of Collegelands.

“I am interested in battles, such as the Battle of Hastings and the Norman/Saxon hybrid England that was a result of this event. Today we face internal battles and choosing sides whether that be what we believe, what causes we stand up for, how we choose to vote or overturn events in history.” – Sarah McClintock

Here, on High Street the battles between its residents, developers, Glasgow City Council and architects flounder and resurface over decades. The Battle of Collegelands references the original, historic site of Glasgow University, exploring the notion of battle from the Enlightenment age and the great intellectuals who lived on High Street to the present day and its planned use as an Ikea hotel.
Following a call to arms, McClintock invites participants to select a side in a paint battle, to fight for ‘painting’ or the ‘avant-garde.’ By including a process of choice, McClintock strikes at the heart of fashion and falsehood across readings of art history, questioning today’s critical battleground.

At the Battle of Collegelands the artist will bring this metaphor into an everyday world. Canvases are the defensive shield wall of the Painting army, which is under attack by the brush-wielding forces of the Avant-Garde. The chaos of the battle is caused by a process of choosing sides and the unpredictable outcome of a series of individual decisions. In the staged fight that ensues, lack of a coherent victor connects the audience and visitors to the importance of the decisions we make each day


The McClintock Duel, 13th May 2016

The McClintock Duel, 13th May 2016