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The Huntley’s and The Struggle in Britain: Suresh Grover, Gus John and Tippa Naphtali

31 May 2019 until 13 May 2019

Suresh Grover, Gus John and Tippa Naphtali

‘.. the struggle against racism, without the struggle against class, remains cultural[ly] nationalist. But class struggle without race struggle, without the struggles of women, of gays, of the Irish, remains economistic..’
Ambalavaner Sivanandan

The panel will discuss the history of anti-racist struggle in Britain and diagnose the legacies of colonialism and racism for today’s neoliberal Britain. Suresh, Tippa and Gus will discuss their continuing work towards a liberated anti-racist social movement which avoids the ineffectual race equalities industry of implementing policies without action.


Timespan Heritage and Contemporary Arts Centre


Posted by: Sadie Young