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Thing of the Month: Jonathan Owen’s Eraser Drawings

17:15 on 3 April 2018
Hunter Lecture Theatre, Hunter Building, Edinburgh College of Art

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Join Edinburgh-based artist Jonathan Owen for a talk on three of his Eraser Drawings which are part of the University of Edinburgh’s Art Collection. Owen’s work involves the systematic transformation of readymade objects and images. He is interested in making by reducing and removing, and in the controlled collapse of existing objects as a method of production and reactivation.

The Eraser Drawings – made using photographs from books – can be considered as carvings in two dimensions. By gradually removing ink from the surface of the page, he erases the foreground figures, reshaping them into inanimate details of the scenes they once inhabited.

This event is free with no booking required, and open to all.

Thing of the Month is a series of informal talks which highlight objects from the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Research Collections. In Semester 2 talks will focus on some of the Art Collection’s recent acquisitions and new commissions of contemporary art.


Posted by: Liv Laumenech

Eraser Drawing - Audrey Hepburn 2016 by Jonathan Owen

Eraser Drawing - Audrey Hepburn 2016 by Jonathan Owen