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'Train' solo Exhibition by Debbie Young

17 January 2019 until 3 February 2019
16 Nicholson st

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TRAIN: Opening 17/01/19

‘Train’ is the debut solo exhibition of Debbie Young in Glasgow. The works presented are based on a prose poem written by Young – also named ‘Train’: an embellished autobiographical account joining the protagonist on a train ride around the landscapes of the artist’s memories. The story is a developing metaphor, brimming with nostalgia and confusion. Dealing with time, as well as expressing the importance of humour and authenticity, the works are intuitively created using various mediums and layers.

Young defies boundaries and lets the power of imagination drive her work into something which expresses the vulnerability of the human experience in today’s condition. Embedded in the work is not only an attempt to break convention but also a fervent curiosity for materials and objects. Using Irreverent humour and fictional narratives as a method to communicate ideas, the expansive pieces are met with a keen eye for details. Like a memory, the works themselves are abstracted and assembled, a visual experience revisited, filled with tangible atmosphere.

Since graduating from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (2016) Debbie Young has won the Piket Kunstprijs (Dutch contemporary painting prize), co-founded artist initiative SID YOUNG, and founded the creative hub Studio Mama in Glasgow. These were in tandem with exhibiting paintings internationally and frequently.

Publication Launch for ‘Train’ – Debbie Young
As part of the exhibition ‘Train’, an embellished autobiographical narrative – of the same title – reveals the inspiration behind the assemblage paintings of Debbie Young. The reader is taken on a journey through Young’s memories which have become abstracted and nostalgic with the passage of time. Travelling through her thoughts, the protagonist displays an honest portrayal of the absurd human mind, as well as irreverently using copious metaphors and descriptives.

TWO-PART WORKSHOP 30/01 and 02/02:
Ceramic Train Building Workshop: Train – Debbie Young
Build your own ceramic train. Led by artist Debbie Young – as part of her exhibition ‘Train’ – the slab-build method will be used to create the locomotive of choice.
£35 for two-part workshop including: step-by-step building tuition, glaze workshop and all materials supplied.
Email [email protected] to book a place.




With thanks to Creative Scotland for exhibition funding.



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