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Tremble Tremble / At the Gates

27 October 2018 until 26 January 2019
Talbot Rice Gallery

Preview 26 October 2018, 6-8pm

Tremble Tremble
Jesse Jones

Bewitching audiences from Venice, to Singapore, to Dublin, ‘Tremble Tremble’ now arrives in Edinburgh, to be installed in Talbot Rice Gallery’s magnificent Georgian Gallery. The artwork’s new world order – feminist, uncompromising, magical and mythical – churns testimony, court statements and song into a towering bodily incantation. Sitting somewhere between sculpture, film and theatre, the artwork evolves each time it is shown, becoming part of its context. “Did I disturb ye good people? I hopes I disturb ye, I hopes I disturb ye enough to want to see this, your house, in ruins all around ye! Have you had enough yet? Or do you still have time for chaos? Hah? More?”

Supported by Culture Ireland as part of GB18: Promoting Irish Arts in Britain; supported by Creative Scotland and Ireland at Venice. #trembletremble #irelandatvenice #CultureIrelandGB18

At the Gates
Including Maja Bajevic, Georgia Horgan, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Teresa Margolles, Olivia Plender, Suzanne Treister, the Artists Campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment

Inspired by the tidal wave of change that has been sweeping the world, At the Gates brings together artists whose voices have amplified the global struggle towards female self-empowerment, and in the case of Ireland’s historic fight against the 8th amendment, right to bodily self-determination. Often brushing up against the law, or institutions of power, these artists and their individual projects attest to the volume that can amass as these voices, images, banners, objects and artworks become part of a public discussion. Shown alongside Jesse Jones’ performance installation ‘Tremble Tremble’, the implication is clear: “tremble, tremble, the witches have returned”.



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Jesse Jones, ‘Tremble Tremble’, 2017, production image, courtesy the Artist

Jesse Jones, ‘Tremble Tremble’, 2017, production image, courtesy the Artist