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Two Night Stands: Jade Montserrat

7 April 2017 until 8 April 2017
Cooper Gallery

Transcribing individual texts into a temporary wall drawing, No Need for Clothing is a new performative drawing work that speaks of entanglement and commodity fetishism; a polemic engaged in combat between histories of colonialism and today’s realities, imposition and economies of trust, protection and survival. Alongside this Montserrat will present documentation of another performance. Titled Shadowing Josephine, the work is a surefooted but lightly choreographed performance set to Cab Calloway’s popular Cotton Club track “Pickin’ up the Cabbage”. Shadowing Josephine recognizes the indebtedness owed to Josephine Baker, the first widely celebrated, independent black celebrity who emerged from colonial and segregation contexts. EVENT: Friday 7 April, 6pm


Two Night Stands: Jade Montserrat

72 hour performance, occupancy,

72 hour performance, occupancy, "Iterations of the Rainbow Tribe", Performance ]s p a c e[, London, 2014 (Image: Alethea Raban)