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Two Night Stands: Ross Sinclair

17 March 2017 until 18 March 2017

For One Night Stands in 1997, Sinclair performed a 24hr drum solo inspired by Moby Dick – both the track by Led Zeppelin and the epic novel by Herman Melville. Returning to the project in 2017, Sinclair will work with four emerging artists, Millie Angel, Hayley Jane Dawson, Amy Di Rollo and Iain McCall, to create a new performance work of the two songs I Love Real Life and Real Life is Dead, alongside collaborative painting, song writing and as yet unseen footage of his original 24hr drum solo, the classic 1957 John Huston version of Moby Dick featuring Gregory Peck, and Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham’s drum solo. “Real Life Moby Dick 2017 is a very different prospect. Gone is the solo voyage into the limits of extremity – nowadays it appears that the only way to fulfil the quest for an understanding of the meaning and identity of Moby Dick is by embarking on the journey with like-minded souls, a collection of voices, a melancholic chorus.”
Ross Sinclair, 2017

Ross Sinclair, Image courtesy of the artist.

Ross Sinclair, Image courtesy of the artist.