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When does a second become a moment?

15 July 2019 until 15 September 2019


I have a series of recent ephemeral, filmic journeys made in a temporally conceited fashion of under two minutes. Some have been shown as single-channel, stand alone works.

Last year when I was in Edinburgh I presented a few of these works as a screening and I was excited to see them within this framework. Now I am exploring the idea that these “episodes” might be part of a whole, a longer piece?

I am proposing to explore my own perceptions of these works in relation to how others might see it. I would like to invite artists and curators to share thoughts and reflections.

I will also record the discussions that take place during/after the viewing process and produce a written text: “When does a second become a moment”.

In return for participation you will receive a limited edition of a still of your choice.

I would love you to participate, please let me know what your availability might be for remote (Skype, Zoom, etc.)

Best wishes,

Posted by: Anne Colvin

Still from

Still from "These are the Four Things I ask of you", 2016. Single-channel video 1:11 mins.