Individual Residencies TAKING TIME / PRENDENDO TEMPO JULY 2023

Closing date 1 July 2023


The TAKING TIME / PRENDENDO TEMPO Residency Programme is designed to support research, study and/or the development of new work.

Applications are open to creative practitioners such as visual artists, film makers, writers, performance artists, curators, designers, musicians, theatre-makers and researchers who work either individually or collaboratively. Individuals and groups are welcomed. Interdisciplinary applications from creatives who work across disciplines are encouraged.

Each individual residency provides uninterrupted periods of time with no expectation of a final outcome: whether you wish simply to be up close to your practice, be free of the pressures of academia, allow nature to suffuse your thinking and feeling, produce new work or complete a project.

This Residency also offers the opportunity to engage and share with an international and diverse peer-group.

The residency is located in Collemacchia, a small village within Italy’s National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, a protected area of exceptional significance and beauty. Engagement with the natural world begins on the doorstep and the mountainous landscape offers an excellent environment for reflective practice. The ancient, undisturbed and extensive terrain holds a rich and complex history visible in the area’s architecture, customs, agricultural lands and forests.

The area is sparsely populated by villages that are largely trilingual Italian-French-English due to the large community of emigrants who continually move between European nations, stemming from economic migration dating from approx. 1850.
The village has been home to Tracy Mackenna’s Italian family for centuries and the curators of The Museum of Loss and Renewal foster strong links with the local community which is highly supportive of the Residency Programme.

More information and full application details can be found on The Museum of Loss and Renewal’s website:

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