The Baird Family Hospital Exterior Artworks Commission

Closing date 11 August 2022

In June 2014, the Scottish Government announced an investment for two new health facilities on the Foresterhill Health Campus in Aberdeen. The plans included a new hospital to replace the existing Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, with the inclusion of breast screening, breast surgery and gynaecology services, as well as a centre for out-patient and day-patient oncology and haematology services. 

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust (GHAT) has been working with NHS Grampian to deliver the arts and environment programme for both facilities. The aim of the Arts Project is; 

To create a well-designed, person-centred and positive visual environment for patients, staff and visitors. 

This project will be delivered in 2 phases. Phase 1 will deliver the consultation and fully costed designs. Phase 2 will deliver the manufacture and installation of all artwork. 

The Artist awarded Phase 1 of the commission will be expected to deliver Phase 2. The fully costed designs from the Phase 1 Brief will go towards supporting the final fundraising target of the overall commission. 

The Artist will not be asked to fundraise for Phase 2. This is currently and will continue to be done by The Archie Foundation. 

GHAT is seeking applicants who can demonstrate strong visual art and design skills alongside skills in creating a physical public commission. They will also require a background in consultation methods which include the stakeholders in the design of the work. The role of the artist will be to work with GHAT and NHS Grampian to create the following for outside the new facility:

• External public art piece (subject to planning consent from Aberdeen City Council)
• External Civic seating
• Screening outside the Community Maternity Unit to provide patient privacy

The Artist will work closely with NHSG staff, public representatives and patient groups to:

• integrate artwork into the full environmental design linking architecture, interior design and wayfinding;
• create artwork which will sustain the interest of viewers and that will not readily date and which retains interest on repeated viewing;
• create artwork which is visually interesting, relevant and promotes a positive sense of wellbeing;
• make effective use of links with the organisations and groups in the immediate area.

GHAT is looking for someone who is an arts graduate with at least two years’ experience.

Desired skills:
1. Knowledge of contemporary arts practice at a national and international level.
2. Knowledge of the skills required to deliver a socially engaged participatory project
3. Experience of working in public art projects

Full details of the brief, including Main tasks, Fee, Budget and Supporting documents, can be downloaded from this link.

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