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Alex Hetherington


Alex Hetherington is an artist who works with the moving image, writing, publishing, performance and curatorial activities in event and exhibition-making. Forthcoming includes an essay for Alex Millar’s show Gold Head Yellow Dancer and a performative film event taking the form of a spell for Market Gallery. Recent projects, performances and films include: Fracto Film Festival, Berlin; Utter, utter, utter with Lyndsay Mann for Cooper Gallery, Dundee and The Singer has once more risen above the object of his song, with Lyndsay Mann, and films by Ursula Mayer and Gail Pickering, for Cooper Gallery, Dundee, TREATMENT, Kate Davis, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh; Anonymiser Particular, Richard Taylor, This is it – Universe, Helen McCrorie, ENTHUSIASM, Andrew Gannon and Orchids, Catherine Street and Ellipses of the Afternoon, Elín Jakobsdóttir at No.35, Stirling; Five Propositions, Toward A Scottish Collection of Artists’ Moving Image, LUX Scotland; The Hallucinating Edge, Pure Movement and >>FFWD, as part of CURRENT, Contemporary Scottish Art in China, Phase Two, Cooper Gallery, Dundee, Shanghai Minsheng Museum, Red Brick Art Museum and K11 Art Foundation; the publication and screening project Ripples on the Pond, GoMA, Glasgow, CCA and GSS and MOTHS, Summerhall, Edinburgh.