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Andrew Mummery


My work is based on the belief that the value of art lies in its ability to create expressive meaning. Art has a fundamental role as a means of communication, and as a form critical dialogue with the world. A work of art has multiple orientations to time and history, is temporally unstable and points back and forwards at the same time. Any reflection on the past must involve a critical dismantling of the tradition in terms of what has been un-thought within it and what remains to be thought by it.

Between 1996 and 2014 I set up and ran two commercial art galleries in London – the Andrew Mummery Gallery and Mummery+Schnelle. I saw my role as a gallerist as an enabling one. It was my hope that the works of the individual artists that featured in the exhibition programmes of the two galleries would be more fully realised when they found an audience, and were experienced, in the gallery space.

In 2015 I decided to move to Scotland. I had always kept a close eye on the Scottish art scene and regularly exhibited the work of artists based here, including Louise Hopkins, Merlin James, Carol Rhodes and Graeme Todd. Since relocating I have curated exhibitions of Carol Rhodes work for the 2016 Glasgow International and the MAC Belfast. I have also edited a new monograph on Rhodes’s work which has recently been published by Skira Editore. I am now based in Glasgow and in September 2018 I will be opening a space there for exhibitions and dialogue which will be called A-M-G5.

Andrew Mummery

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