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Ben Callaghan


Ben Callaghan currently works as voluntary committee member for Rhubaba Gallery and Studios. Alongside his fellow committee members, he contributes to running the studios and development of the gallery’s exhibition programme.

In working as part of Rhubaba’s committee, and through his own research and practice, Ben is interested in looking critically at the degree of relative autonomy afforded by voluntary labour and the conditions that enable or produce the relative autonomy of self-organised spaces.

Ben also work collaboratively with friends. Recently he has been using ‘publishing’ as a sort of counter-logic for these activities, as a catalytic framework and mode of production that can be adapted or jettisoned in accordance with the needs of those engaged. The ongoing work has increasingly addressed knowledge production as a self-generative activity that is specific to its circumstances and intractable from its subjects. Ben sees this activity primarily as space for experimentation with embodied forms of knowledge and exchange that does not rely on formal outcomes to anchor or construct itself.

The material aspect of this work usually manifests across shared writing, design and code.

Ben Callaghan

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