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Cicely Farrer


Cicely is a curator and writer based in Dundee. Her curatorial practice is situated across performance, exhibition making, writing and education.

Cicely works on a freelance basis which currently includes an events and exhibition project titled “Doing Science in a Gendered World” at LifeSpace Gallery in Dundee.

In 2017, Cicely co-programmed with Gordon Douglas the Fieldwork International Summer School Shoulder-to-Shoulder at Hospitalfield. Between 2014-2017, Cicely worked as Curatorial Assistant at Cooper Gallery DJCAD contributing to numerous projects including ‘Of Other Spaces: Where does gesture become event?’ and ‘CURRENT’ in Shanghai in partnership with the British Council. Prior to this, Cicely worked for curator Grant Watson and artist Adrian Piper, both of whom have significant influences on her artistic practice and thinking.